Griffeth (Griff) Jacob Ryans

Honey Griff don't give a shit


Griff Ryans is a 23 year old male, born and raised in Thousand Oaks. Family problems led him to LA where he became involved in gang activity, and the underground fighting racket. Winning almost all of his fights, Griff was a rising star, until his old martial arts teacher was able to convince him to become a teacher of fighting, instead of being a thug and a bully, and nearly killing people for money.
Standing 6’2" and weighing 230 lbs, Griff is a very skilled martial artist, and a formidable warrior. Though he tends to use his muscles (or his mouth) before his brain, Griff has proved that he can be of help when given the opportunity.


Hey, the name’s Griff. Was already a badass, then I recently found out I’m a werewolf, which pretty much makes me a super badass. The others tend to be a littel jealous of my badassery and describe my bravery as stupidity, but they’re all full of crap anyway, so who cares? Not this guy!
Born and raised in TO, then I realized I outgrew that place full of boring people, and headed out to find my own place in the world. Got involved with gangs for a while (which I’ll admit was a low point for me) but kinda found my footing in the underground MMA. Though it was a little brutal, I finally felt myself. But I took one too many hits, and decided to get out of that before I was carried out. (Not because anyone could beat me, but because there are cheaters)
Was at some gay ass beach party when these mother f**kin’ giant dogs started attacking everyone. I tackled one of the dogs, and was about to kick its ass when it whipmered, so I felt sorry for it, and then it attacked me. That’s when I found out I was a part of the “Garou”, a global group of werewolves dedicated to protecting Gaia (basically just earth and everything around you I think. I mostly just kill stuff when they tell me to. [Or even if they don’t])

Griffeth (Griff) Jacob Ryans

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